Injection results

The results of an injection instance are accessed and managed in the Injection Results view in the Extract Web App.

Injection workflow

When you launch an injection, it follows the steps below:

1. Disable the target foreign key constraints.
2. Insert data in the target schema from the archive.

Enable the target foreign key constraints.


If an error occurs during the activation of the target foreign key constraints, the injection is incomplete, and some of the data is inconsistent or missing.

Injection results overview

The injection instance is generated when the injection is launched. To see all the injection results, click the  Refresh button.

The injection results show for each execution of an injection, the Start Date and the Duration of the injection instance. The Status indicates if the extraction is On Going, Done or Failed.

When the extraction status is On Going, you can hover the status to have more information about the execution progress.

To stop the execution of an on going injection, click the  View button then click the  Stop button. The status of the injection is then Stopped.

To view the data injected, click the  View button.

To display the logs of the injection process, click the  View button to open the logs and details page, then click the Logs button.

Delete an injection result

To delete an injection result, click the  View button to open the Edit page of the injection result, then click the  Delete button.

A confirmation dialog opens, click Delete to confirm, or Cancel to keep the injection result.


Deleted injection results cannot be accessed or recovered.